Bishop Roadtrip

In late December/early January, I took a road trip to Bishop with some friends. I headed down just after Christmas with my friends Aeron Mathew, Maria Celkova, and Ben Mcghie. We met Tiffany Melius and Simon Parton down there at the tail end of their trip.

The Pit campsite, as many a dirtbag climber knows.

We stayed in the climber campground, the Pit. At $2/night, you can’t beat the price. I had never been winter camping before, and man was it ever cold! Most nights I slept in my down sleeping bag with a hat, down jacket, base layers, and my batman onesie (I’m just that cool).

Dusty dirt roads

The first thing we noticed was how beautiful the scenery was with the mountains and desert. Constant clear blue sky was welcomed, coming from the Pacific Northwest.

The hike to the Happy Boulders
The always gorgeous Tiff
The Hulk, V6. Unfortunately I did not send! Photo credit Tiffany Melius

We decided before we went down that the focus of our trip would not be to climb the hardest problems we possibly could, but instead climb for fun and volume. The majority of the problems we did were in the V4-V7 range, which were comfortable grades for everyone in our group (and for Simon in his street shoes).

The view from the back of the Buttermilks
More of the Buttermilks
Simon Parton sending The Swarm, V14, while Ashima Shiraishi looks on.

Getting to watch Simon send The Swarm and Ashima try it was definitely one of the highlights of the trip. In fact, we never even saw Simon fall on it – he had gotten new beta that day and just walked up and sent.

Queen Sweet Nectar Left, V9 – the send!

We did get on a few harder problems – in fact I sent two V9s, which I am very happy about.

Ben Mcghie sending the hardest V1 ever, Buttermilk Stem

Sometimes the “easier” problems we got on weren’t so easy…it took me a solid four attempts to send the classic Buttermilk Stem V1.

Ben Mcghie, Maria Celkova, and Tiffany Melius. Sorry Ben, but I did tell you to smile.
Grandpa Peabody Project 2
Daniel Beall on The Process

This photo was taken at the end of the day at the Grandpa Peabody boulder. We had just come down from The Swarm area, and were sitting around watching some people we didn’t know try the project to the right of Evilution Direct. A few weeks later, Daniel Woods sent it and called it The Process – tentatively V16! I ended up figuring out from Instagram posts about it that the guy in this photo is Daniel Beall.

It was a great trip and the perfect way to spend the Christmas holidays with friends before my trip. I only wish it could have been longer, but this way I have lots of projects for the next time I go!


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